The city of Belgaum in Karnataka is no stranger to the problem of pothole-ridden roads, a phenomenon that has unfortunately become the norm in most cities in the country during monsoon season. In order to change this status quo, a group of youngsters composed and recorded a rap song, borrowing the tune from Los del Rio’s Macarena (bottom), which highlights the troubles, while mocking the government for not being pro-active.

The video chose one pothole in particular. Titled Khadde Baar Dena (Fill the Potholes), it has been shot by videographer Varun Karkhanis and members of his group. Once posted on Facebook, it caught the attention of local authorities, who swung into action immediately and actually filled up a pothole at Sanchayani Circle.

“We have been trying to draw attention to the number of potholes in Belagavi for a while. So on Sunday, we got together, placed an inflatable boat at the pothole in Sanchayani Circle, wrote a song and shot the video. We uploaded the video and it went viral,” Varun told The News Minute.