The internet is always full of memes that “only ’90s kids will understand” or that “you’ll only get if you were an ’80s kid”. But it isn’t often you see a meme about the only TV channel most of those “kids” grew up with in India: good old Doordarshan.

Stand-up comic Alexander Babu, aka Alexander the Comic, takes viewers on a funny/ nostalgic trip down single-channel memory lane in the video above. “My theory is that life has been the same,” declares Babu. “It is that one thing all of us have at home that is creating the illusion that life is worse than it is.” Which is? “Television.”

“Now this TV is so restless,” he says, “the night programme starts coming in the morning. Next day’s programme starts coming the previous night; next week’s, the previous week. They pretty much know the future. They are deciding the future for us. They are like ‘You think today is bad? Ha! Tomorrow you are dead, man.’”

“But Doordarshan? Even today Doordarshan is always living in the moment. DD is the true yogic channel.”