Panic gripped commuters on a suburban Mumbai local train on Thursday morning when a snake was spotted slithering around inside a coach (videos above and below).

According to The Economic Times, the snake was spotted in the second class gents coach of the 8.33 am Titwala-Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus train as it was approaching Thane, though other reports claim the snake was found in a first class compartment.

As soon as someone to pull the emergency brake chain near Thane, the commuters vacated the compartment, after which the snake was caught and safely removed. The Indian Express reported that it appeared to be a green vine snake, which is mildly poisonous and feeds on small insects and frogs.

Central Railway chief spokesperson Sunil Udasi told PTI that he suspected foul play. “It is mischief on the part of somebody. The Railway Protection Force in on the job to nab the culprit. This rake had completed two trips since 4:32 am and hadn’t gone to the yard in between,” he said. “We are scanning videos of the incident to find out how the snake managed to appear in the coach all of a sudden,” said Udasi.