Aditi Mittal, a comic famously known for her ingenious commentary on bra shopping, is giving women in unconventional jobs a chance to explore their funny side with her Youtube series Bad Girls. A recent episode (video above) features Deepika Mhatre, a housemaid who had been telling jokes about her employers for a year.

With Mittal’s guidance, these jokes have become a stand-up comedy routine. Now 43, Mhatre sells jewellery on the local train she takes to her workplaces. She cooks foe five families, and is usually done by 4 PM. You can see how she spends some of the time left over.

The video not only presents Mhatre’s performance, but also a conversation with Mittal, where she recounts how she got into the comedy business. As she says during her routine, ‘Who knows, I might become a politician next.’