Vector can fit into your pocket, be your constant companion around the house and follow your spoken instructions.

This pint-sized home robot is an upgrade of electronics and artificial intelligence start-up Anki’s earlier product, whose name was Cozmo. Vector can almost fit on a palm and doesn’t need to be connected to a device. Its features include face detection, answering questions, providing weather updates and even an in-built 120-degree HD camera and sensors.

In a demo video of a prototype, Vector hangs out on desks, wakes up when you say “Hey, Vector!” and gives tiny fist bumps when asked for. “It’s really this combination of a characterful little robot combined with utility functions,” said Hanns Tappeiner, Anki’s president and co-founder. “We’re interested in a future where humans and robots co-exist in people’s homes.” The companion robot is set to debut officially in October, 2018.