After the Morandi bridge located in Genoa, a port city in Italy, collapsed on August 14, 2018, CCTV footage revealed the moments before the disaster. To call it frightening is really an understatement.

Killing at least 43 people, a 210-meter section of the 51-year-old bridge gave way, turning everything below into dust in a matter of seconds. Although the transport ministry and highway company had been informed of the corrosion of the metal cables supporting the structure in 2017, the authorities took no concrete action apart from “partial repairs”. Remedial action was taken only on the east side of the bay, and the west side gave way.

Investigators looking into the collapse have said they are determining whether there was faulty maintenance or design flaws.

The mayor of Genoa announced two days of mourning for the victims, most of whom were residents of the city. A group of French tourists and several immigrant Chilean workers were identified among the dead.