Franklin Fermin, a homeowner in Kissimmee, Florida, USA was upset at his house being burgled. But then he was taken aback when he saw a local thief reappear on the front porch. This time, to return the stolen items with an apology note.

“I have never done anything like this in my life. I come from a good family with good morals and it is eating me inside knowing what I did,” said the handwritten apology note. Adding that it was a dare and he “never intended to steal”, the still unidentified man is seen returning the swag (video above).

The story isn’t over yet, though, as some of the stolen items have not been returned. “If he was really sorry he should like return all of the packages instead of some of them,” Fermin told Fox 35. Though the thief is remorseful, the local police remains on the look-out for the suspect.