While some of us may forget what a zebra crossing is for, this family of capybaras is here to remind us. These South American natives are the largest rodents in the world and were spotted crossing the road exactly how you’re supposed to.

These animals, which look like giant guinea pigs, and are even kept as pets. Dubbed as “nature’s ottoman”, capybaras have been seen with birds, monkeys, infants and fellow capybaras perched on them. There’s even a blog devoted to such amusing photos.

Credit: Jackie Coleman Wren

Capybaras absolutely love water and can stay in there for hours on end. Here is a video of them enjoying a team sauna to keep warm in the winter. Thanks to their webbed feet and the strategic location of their eyes, ears and nostrils, these semi-aquatic creatures can stay under water for as long as five minutes.


Watch this video of baby capybaras soaking under a hot spring.