Created in the style of Schoolhouse Rock!, this video features Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi alongside talk show host Jimmy Fallon, and a happy-go-lucky voter’s ballot. The trifecta are headed down to “voting avenue”, a place where adults go. Or, should go.

While the three-minute-clip is entertaining in itself, it comes as a motivator ahead of mid-term election in US with the message “voting has it all”. Whether it is women’s issues or international politics, whether it is a local election or a presidential one, each vote counts.

While that’s a trite reminder in itself, in many democracies around the world, including India, not all voters go out and vote.

Unhappy about having missed the 2016 presidential elections, Shahidi has taken a pro-active role in bringing young Americans to vote this time. She had earlier announced that her non-profit Eighteen x 18 would be hosting a #WeVoteNext Summit to inspire everyone to vote.

Wouldn’t it be great if India’s celebrities sent out the same message in similarly creative ways instead of just brandishing their fingers after voting?