The TV show The Bachelor – in which an “eligible” man picks one among several woman contestants to propose marriage to – usually sees high drama in all its versions across different countries. Even by those standards, however, a recent episode of The Bachelor: Vietnam hit a new note.

At the rose ceremony at the end of an episode, which the bachelor uses to eliminate some contestants, one of the women, Minh Thu, said she had indeed found love on the show – but not with the bachelor.

When it became clear that Thu would not be receiving the rose, she used her elimination speech to confess her love for fellow contestant Truc Nhu, who had already received the rose from the bachelor Nguyen Quoc Trung.

When Thu asked Nhu to come home with her, the latter said yes. “I’m sorry,” she told Trung, “I’m giving you back your rose. I know you’ll find someone who really loves you.”