The Yellowstone National Park in the US is home to several geothermal spots like hot springs and geysers. Most of these are marked with signs telling people to stay away and with good reason – many have been scalded by the fierily hot water.

Despite the warnings, a tourist attempted to wash his feet in one of these geyser basins recently. The unidentified man jumped over the barricades and was seen putting his bare feet in the water which averaged a temperature of 143 degrees Fahrenheit (61 degrees Celsius), according to SF Gate.

“Just as my family and I arrived at the thermal pool, we see this guy cross over the barricades and head straight for the water,” the woman who recorded the video said. “Everyone around us was yelling for him to get out and to be careful. He did not look up and make eye contact with anyone.” He stayed behind the barricade for almost 10 minutes before returning to the hiking trail, managing to escape unscathed.