In Assam’s Biswanath district, children risk their lives every day to go to school. The students of a primary government school in a small village named Sootea have to carry pots so that they can cross a gushing river. There is no bridge or boats.

A video (above) of the children floating across the river, seated in the pots, was posted by ANI on Twitter.

“It worries me that students cross the river using aluminum pots as there are no bridges in the area.” J Das, a teacher at the primary school, told ANI. “Earlier they used makeshift boats made of banana trees.”

The video has caught the attention of the local MLA, Pramod Borthakur of the BJP, who has given an assurance that appropriate steps will be taken.

“There is no PWD road in the area,” Borthakur said. “Don’t know how the government constructed a school on an island. We can definitely provide a boat for the students. I will ask the district officer to shift the school to another place.”