A man from Andhra Pradesh escaped a fatal accident after getting caught under a train that began moving. Instead of taking a foot overbridge, he was trying to cross the tracks at Anantapur railway station on Saturday to get to the platform on the other side.

The man decide to crawl under a goods train that was already stationed on the tracks at platform one, to come out on the other side. But it began moving, forcing him to lie down on the tracks. A video posted on social media showed him lying still as the train passed over him.

Quoting eye-witnesses, a railway officer told the New Indian Express, “The person stayed still for nearly a minute as the train passed over him and luckily he came out unscratched.” Passengers who witnessed the incident berated the man for pulling a dangerous stunt. However, he walked out of the railway station and the incident was not brought to the attention of the police.