A brazen robbery attempt at a jewellery store in Canada was thwarted when employees wielding not guns or sticks but swords chased them the intruders away. Four robbers were caught on CCTV breaking open a window at Ashok Jewellers in Mississauga, Ontario on Wednesday. When one of them attempted to climb in through the broken glass, three people inside the store charged him with swords.

“When we saw them coming in, that’s when we really took action and we rushed them,” the son of the store’s owner told CBC. One of the robbers had a gun that he tried to fire but it jammed. “I was willing to do anything to keep them out. Even if it meant me getting shot, not a problem,” he said. Another employee said the swords were gifted to them by a family member.

The four men escaped in a car and local police are on the lookout for them.