Among the many people protesting against Brexit in the UK, one man is going to extreme lengths to make sure his voice is heard. Steve Bray, known to some as “Stop Brexit Man”, has become notorious for popping up in news broadcasts and interrupting speeches of members of the UK parliament.

The most recent of his appearances was on November 26, when he crashed a BBC broadcast by waving European Union flags in the background in Westminster. Earlier in November, he attempted to drown out a speech by Jacob Rees-Mogg, a member of the UK parliament and a supporter of Britain’s exit from the EU. Bray used a megaphone to get his message across as Rees-Mogg spoke from outside the parliament.

Videos and pictured of “Stop Brexit Man” have been doing the rounds on social media, making him a popular face representing those wishing to remain in the EU.

Bray has claimed he has been seen delivering his message on TV “hundreds of times.” In a video feature for The Guardian, he said he stood outside the parliament at the end of the day every day and shouted “Stop” to get the leaders inside to hear him.


“It’s part of the protest. It’s getting the message out there. Sometimes people post the pictures on Facebook and I’ll have a look. It’s not about me personally, it’s about the message – Remain,” Bray said.