This attack of butterfingers couldn’t have had a worse timing. A man dropped an engagement ring down a drain immediately after proposing to his girlfriend. On the bright side, though, she said yes.

The unnamed man had chosen to pop the question a little before midnight on Friday at theTimes Square in New York, but dropped the ring down a grate on the sidewalk before he could slip it around her finger. CCTV footage posted by the New York City Police showed him crouching and looking for the ring.

The couple called emergency services, who eventually found it. The newly-engaged pair, however, left without giving their names or contact information and the New York Police Department had to go to twitter to track them down.

Social media did its job, of course, and as it turned out, they were tourists. “The relieved couple is back in their home country now, but will be sure to get the ring to them quickly ...and safely,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill tweeted.