Having to wait forever for a reply to a message is something everyone has experienced at some point. When it happened with 21-year-old Paulina Ramirez, she decided to do something about it – with hilarious results.

Ramirez made a video for her boyfriend George as a complete joke when he stopped texting her in the middle of making plans to get chicken and waffles. “He was only asleep for an hour, but I got bored and decided to make a video that might make him chuckle,” she told Buzzfeed.

Ramirez said he woke up and found it funny, but she had no intentions of sharing it publicly. But when she saw that it had turned out well, she decided to share it with her followers on twitter, where it went viral within hours – so much so that she began getting job offers.

“I’ve actually had some people message me wanting to pay me to edit videos for them,” she said. Ramirez, however, said she had never considered video production and her true passion lay in psychology and social work. “Maybe I’ll consider it if I get more [offers],” she said

She wanted to assure everyone that it was just a joke. “I think people like it so much because it’s relatable. But some people have taken it way too seriously and they think I’m some possessive, lunatic girlfriend,” she said. “It was honestly just a joke.”