In an effort to make his news report convincing, a Pakistani journalist picked an unusual perch for himself. Geo TV Urdu journalist Amin Hafeez sat on a donkey while reporting on a flourishing donkey trade, and how animal breeders are content with the initiatives taken by government.

Perhaps not the most incisive investigative journalism, but certainly not lacking for effect.

A video of Hafeez’s piece to camera was posted by fellow journalist Hamid Mir. What added to the hilarity comes towards the end when the donkey seems to want to throw him off its back. But the video is cut off before we can see whether that did happen. Still, Hafeez won many hearts on social media for his special report.

This is not the first time Hafeez chose an unusual locations or subjects for his report. In 2016, for example, he was seen interviewing” a buffalo about what it was like to climb a pedestrian bridge.