That automatic slideshow feature on mobile phones can do some strange things. This is what happened to a woman named Karla from Los Angeles after she got into a car crash.

Following the accident, she took photos of the damage to her car and filmed herself explaining what happened for an insurance claim.

Karla tried to send the folder to her father, but accidentally hit the “slideshow” button instead of the “copy iCloud link” button. The software then turned the pictures into a slideshow with the upbeat ’90s song We Like to Party! by the Vengaboys. The result was a morbidly funny video, which Karla posted on twitter.

“It’s hilarious how when the damage is shown on the car the two horns in the song start blaring,” Karla told Insider. “I just had to show the irony of my misfortunes with such an iconic song blasting in the background!”