A customer at a McDonald’s restaurant in Florida kicked up a storm on Monday when he got into a violent argument with an employee over straws.

The man, identified as Daniel Taylor, became upset when he saw that there weren’t any plastic straws at the condiment section, CNN reported. A recently passed law ordered restaurants in St Petersburg to only hand out straws on request by 2019. Despite the black female employee, Yasmine Jones, telling him about the law, he went to the counter and reached over to grab her by the collar.

A video of the incident showed Jones defending herself by throwing fierce punches at Taylor until they were separated by other employees. He was then asked to leave the restaurant. According to the police, he kicked another employee who was standing in the stomach before exiting.

Soon after, Taylor called the police to complain that he’d been repeatedly hit in the head. “When the officers arrived, they recognised Taylor from the video at McDonald’s and took him into custody,” police said.