A bus driver from Wisconsin was lauded for going out of her way to rescue a child who was wandering on the streets.

Irena Ivic, a bus driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) had been on her route when she noticed the toddler walking barefoot on a freeway overpass in Milwaukee. She stopped her bus despite the heavy traffic and ran across the street to pick her up.

The entire incident was caught on surveillance cameras and the video was posted by the transit services on twitter. Ivic brought the toddler into the bus and called the authorities who eventually reunited her with her father.

According to FOX6 the toddler’s mother is thought to have been suffering from mental health problems. The child’s father said she may have forgotten her after going to the church across the freeway.

“Oh my god, I was so upset, and I couldn’t believe that somebody can left the child on street,” said Ivic, who received a special citation for her act.