A construction worker from Liverpool, UK, apparently did not respond well to not getting paid, and chose a destructive way to vent his anger.

The worker was seen on a video using a mechanical excavator to wreck the lobby of a new hotel, Travelodge, breaking the glass doors in front and even smashing the main interior fixtures. According to Michael Parkinson, managing director of Triton Construction – the main contractor at the site – the incident is thought to have taken place over a wage dispute.

The driver, who was working for the groundwork contractor for the project, had told other workers that his pay of £600 was overdue, and became increasingly angry when he could not track down the owner of the company, CNN reported.

The police, who were called to the scene, said the driver left the vehicle and made off on foot. “A man has since been located and will be interviewed as part of the ongoing investigation,” a spokesperson for the police said, according to the The Guardian.

The hotel building is not thought to have suffered any major structural damage and repairs are expected to be made swiftly.