UK Prime Minister Theresa May took a break from negotiations at the EU-Arab League summit in Egypt to accept a friendly challenge to a game of pool from the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

But May’s chances of winning against Conte may have been slightly hampered by the fact that she is not very good at the game, and asked for a lesson from her Italian counterpart. “I’ll have a lot of support but I’ll be hopeless,” she said.

Conte posted a video of himself chalking the cue for May before her chief of staff, Gavin Barwell, stepped in to show her how to strike the ball.

The video ends before we can see whether all that training paid off and if May was able to pocket a ball. She did, however, seem to have a good laugh about the game and so did twitter, but at her expense.

There was no dearth of jokes comparing awkward performance at the table with her struggle to get a Brexit deal through parliament. Some even expressed their anger over her indulging in recreation during a crucial time for the UK.