A senator in Australia got into a physical altercation with a teenager who broke a raw egg on the back of his head while he was speaking at an event in Melbourne.

Footage of the incident showed Senator Fraser Anning slapping the teenager and lashing out at him a second time as they were being separated.

The incident took place after Anning said the “real cause” of the Christchurch mosque shooting by a self-proclaimed White supremacist, now termed a terror attack, was Muslim immigration. The shooting left 49 people dead in two mosques and many others remain missing.

In a statement on Friday, the senator also said the attacks highlighted a “growing fear over an increasing Muslim presence” in Australia and New Zealand. Anning’s remarks were condemned by many Australian leaders, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The teenager, meanwhile, was arrested by Victoria police and identified as a a 17-year-old boy from Hampton. He was released pending further queries, ABC News Australia reported.