New York-based Juan Pa had a cat and two dogs as visitors and decided to take short videos of them to post them on Twitter, which resulted in a highly-successful twitter thread.

It all started when Pa saw two dogs and a cat “knock” on the door of his flat. He stepped out and tried to entertain the animals when the cat slipped inside somehow. According to Pa’s tweet, the animals came from the flat above his.

Despite his efforts to take the dogs back upstairs and return them to their rightful home, they made their way to Pa’s door again. Apparently, the dogs were able to unlock the door of their own flat!

Pa’s thread saw many highs and lows, like one of the dogs locking himself inside the apartment, and the cat befriending Pa and napping in his apartment. It also restored some faith in humanity when experienced dog owners offered to help and reached the site with toys, leashes, and food until the real owners of the pets arrived.