Instagram comedian Jessica Moore, who also goes by the name Jess Hilarious, came under fire on social media after recently claiming that she felt “threatened” by four Sikh men boarding the same plane as her.

In a tweet with a video, which she deleted later, Moore was seen pointing at the men who were wearing turbans and boarding the plane. The video allegedly led to the men being removed from the plane, according to Newsweek, although the official reason was not clear.

She followed it up with a second video after the flight was temporarily evacuated, in which she justified the action, saying she had a right to feel threatened. In another video that came after she boarded the plane again, Moore said she was relieved that she could not see the men on the flight.

Delhi MLA Manjinder S Sirsa posted the collated video on Twitter and criticised her and the airline for the discrimination. Other users said her comments were inappropriate, especially in light of the Christchurch mosque bombings in New Zealand, in which Muslims were targeted.

Moore later apologised for her comments on her Instagram Story, but said she had nothing to do with getting the men removed from the flight.

She also posted another video saying she would “apologise personally to them first, for my insensitive and ignorant behaviour.” Moore also said she will be donating $15,000 to the victims of the New Zealand tragedy.