Small animals assisting someone with cleaning their house is not something you expect see outside of fairy tales like Snow White and Cinderella. But an elderly man from Bristol found that things like that do happen in real life when he discovered that a mouse had been tiding up his shed for him.

Steve Mckears thought he “was going mad” when he found that his tools kept reappearing in his toolbox after he left them out. “I thought ‘there’s something funny going on here’, I’d never had a ghost in the shed before,” he told BBC. “I was worried, I’m 72 and you hear of things going wrong with 72-year-old gentlemen in the mind,” he added

After several weeks of mystery, McKears decided to set up a camera to catch the culprit red-handed. Footage revealed that it was in fact a mouse and not a poltergeist. “That’s why when we proved it wasn’t me, I was happy,” he said, adding that he called it Brexit because he is stockpiling for Brexit and his friend called him Metal Mickey.