Texas-based professional snake removal company, the Big Country Snake Removal, thought March 13 would be just another day at work. But a scary surprise was waiting for them when a call to remove a “few” rattlesnakes from under a house turned into the mammoth task of removing 45 rattlesnakes.

According to the Facebook post on the company’s official page, the house is situated between Baird and Albany in Texas. A man, whose cable TV was acting up due to high winds, had climbed down to check on the wires when he saw a few rattlesnakes.

When the professionals were called in, they spotted 45 rattlesnakes below the house, and it took them many hours to get rid of all of them. The video shows rattlesnakes of various sizes tucked into different corners of the area below the house.

They can be heard making characteristic hissing sounds when brought out with the help of snake tongs. The video has received over a million views on Facebook.