A game of golf in the state of Georgia, USA was gatecrashed by an unusual party, giving golfers the scare of their lives. A nine-foot alligator strolled towards a group of people enjoying their game on Sunday.

He walked towards a pond on the Savannah Harbor Golf Course and stopped about twenty feet from the water to lie down and take a break. Ed Vance, who was present at the scene, captured a video of the reptile and posted it on Facebook.

“We see them all the time out there but nothing like that,” he told the Savannah Morning News. “It was bigger than any I ever saw and it was unique having it so close to us. It wasn’t intimidating; it was just surreal. I was in awe of the size of him.”

He also told Island Packet that they could hear thuds as the ’gator walked by but he did not seem aggressive at all. “It just wanted to get back to the pond,” he said.

No injuries were reported, but Vance said the golfers were shaken by what they had witnessed.