Video footage from Turkey’s Osmaniye province shows that a man was lifted in the air, along with the patio umbrella on a metal stand that he was trying to pin down with the help of two others, by strong winds. Fox News has reported that he went 13 feet up before deciding to jump.

The man has reportedly been identified as Sadik Kocadalli, a vegetable market worker. According to the Turkish news agency DHA, when Kocadalli noticed that the umbrella was being blown away by strong winds, he attempted to save it. And then, he found himself airborne.

Kocadalli received no injuries from his fall, but the umbrella reportedly hit a person named Mehmet Ali Biçakçi. According to The Independent, Biçakçi was knocked unconscious by the blow, which left him a broken foot and ribs.

According to the DHA, a ten-minute tornado that hit the area explains the strong winds.