Ask any class 10 student and they will tell you that day of the final board examination is an important event. A teenaged girl from Thrissur district, Kerala, decided to make the day even more memorable by taking a horse to her exam centre.

After CA Krishna, who studies at the Holy Grace Academy in Mala, fulfilled her aspiration of riding her horse to take her SSLC examination, a video of her galloping on the road promptly went viral. “On the last day of exams, it was the Social Studies paper, and I chose to ride the horse to school on that day,” Krishna told The News Minute.

She added that many thought it was a bad idea to take a horse to the exam, given that there would be traffic on the roads, but she was not dissuaded. “I’ve been training in horse riding from the time I was studying in the seventh standard,” she said. “I have gone to school riding the horse on some other occasions in the past. Last year also, I rode the horse to attend my ninth standard exam.”

The viral video caught the attention of businessman Anand Mahindra, who retweeted it.