Presenters: Smitha Nair, Rohan Venkataramakrishnan | Reporter: Rukmini S| Video Editor and Animator: Anmol Kanojia | Executive Producer: Sannuta Raghu

There are many things that are taken as a given in the coverage we get of Indian elections. We hear percentage figures about certain communities, cliches like ‘Muslims vote in a block’, or various opinion polls that seem to offer very different predictions for what is likely to happen.

Today, on a video edition of The Election Fix, we speak to data journalist Rukmini S to get a cheatsheet of all the cliches about Indian polls, and whether we should believe them or take with a grain (or a heap) of salt. Rukmini writes the How India Votes series on, where she also breaks down many of these questions like whether the BJP has a votebank and how the news media helps the saffron party.

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