Officers of Uttar Pradesh police averted a major accident and possibly saved the lives of a man, woman and an eight-year-old girl on the Agra Expressway by chasing them down to alert them that their motorbike was on fire.

A video shot from a mobile Police Control Room (PCR) van showed the police chasing the motorcycle to warn the unaware rider of the fire. The officers were heard wondering where the burnt smell was coming from until they spotted the bike and overtook it to make them stop.

They removed the bags that were burning at the back and used a fire extinguisher to put it out. The DGP of Uttar Pradesh praised the officers and announced they would be awarded with the DGP Commendation Disc.

“The policemen have displayed exemplary professional commitment and outstanding conduct to avert a disaster. I announce my commendation disc to all the police personnel of UP100 PRV 1617,” he tweeted.