The morning after the devastating fire in Notre Dame revealed just how much damage the Paris landmark has suffered. Videos and pictures gave a detailed glimpse of the burnt roof and the charred interior of the cathedral.

The structure, whose spire also collapsed in the blaze, has been saved from total destruction, thanks to the efforts of firefighters. Aerial footage revealed the damage caused to one of the two towers, although the fire was put out before it could destroy the main structure.


The Guardian reported that police and fire services would assess “security and safety” and the primary concern of authorities was to identify weaknesses in the structure.

“We have identified some vulnerabilities in the structure…notably in the vault and the north transept pinion that needs securing,” Laurent Nunez, a junior interior minister of France, said on Tuesday.

A significant part of the priceless art and religious relics inside the building were saved, and the iconic stained-glass “rose” windows did not appear to have suffered any damage. French President Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to see the cathedral rebuilt “more beautiful than before” within five years.