Wedding photography has come a long way from the bride and groom and their families posing for the camera at the end of all the events. Elaborate shoots are now staged in exciting outdoor locations, with the pictures going viral sometimes.

Recently, another of these photo shoots that took place in Kerala went viral too, but for unexpected reasons. As the couple, Tijin and Shilpa, leaned in for a kiss, their boat toppled, dumping both of them into the water.

Turns out, though, that the incident, a video of which was posted online by Weddplanner Wedding Studio, may have been planned. A spokesperson of the studio, which was in charge of photography, told NDTV that the couple did not know that the boat would be rocked. But they took it in their stride and laughed as they surfaced from the fall into shallow water.

“It was a sudden idea from our head, Roy Lawrence, the chief photographer and owner of the studio. Our team planned it just at the time of shoot without letting the couple know,” the spokesperson said. That explains why they shot and posted it on social media.