A teenager was hailed as a hero when he managed to pull 14 people out of a building that was on fire. He used a crane for the rescue act.

Nineteen-year-old Lan Junze, who is a crane operator, was working at a construction site in China’s Liaoning city when he heard about the fire. According to Shanghaiist, he quickly drove his crane to the scene of the accident and used it to evacuate the building’s residents from the top floors.

He reportedly saved all 14 of the people in a span of 30 minutes. Lan’s quick response was also caught on camera and posted by CGTN. “The temperature was very high,” Lan said. “I could feel the burn on my face. I sweat a lot, got very red and very hot,” he said, according to CGTN. One person was reported to have died in the fire.