Presenter: Rohan V| Reporters: Supriya Sharma, Akash Bisht| Video Editor and Animator: Anmol Kanojia | Producers: Shayonnita Mallik | Executive Producer: Sannuta Raghu

Five years after its giant-sized victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, what do the BJP’s prospects look like? Will the party win the 2019 election, despite falling rural wages and incomes and rising unemployment? What is drawing voters to the party – the record of the Narendra Modi government, the party’s majoritarian politics or the personal appeal of the prime minister?

Today, on a video edition of The Election Fix, we speak to’s Supriya Sharma and Akash Bisht on the mood in the heartland states this election. For more on this topic read Supriya’s five-part series on the Modi voter, where she travels to BJP’s strongholds to look for answers.

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