Eid is marked around the world by, among other things, showering gifts on children. But for children in war-torn Syria, the idea of what constitutes a gift is very different.

In a video posted recently on social media, several of these children were asked what they wanted to get for Eid. The answers they gave reflected the horrors inflicted on them by the eight-year-long civil war in their country.

While one of the children wished that her father – who had died in the conflict – could come back, a young boy said he wanted to return to his village and live in safety. Some wanted the simpler pleasures of life, like toys and new clothes.

Syria Care, a Malaysian NGO which posted the video on Facebook, said it was made by Amir Fukhairah, a Malaysian residing in Syria.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 6.2 million people, including 2.5 million children, were internally displaced in Syria and many of them lived in rehabilitation camps with limited facilities.