United States President Donald Trump concluded his three day visit to the United Kingdom by sitting down for a “mandatory exit interview” with controversial talk show host Piers Morgan.

Trump and Morgan have known each other since the former hosted The Apprentice and the latter won it and went on to be one of the co-hosts of Good Morning Britain.

The interview did not go down well many viewers, among them the host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert. The late night show host lamented that Trump was being complimented by Morgan for “being on his best behaviour” around Queen Elizabeth – the bare minimum.

“Is this how far we’ve sunk?” Colbert said. “We’re complimenting the president on being ‘well-behaved’ like he’s a dog?” He also pointed out the “odd compliment or strange confession” from Trump about the Queen – that she could talk as fast as he could.

Colbert also tweaked the interview by swapping out the original questions with hilarious new ones.