Steve Muise, a resident of Alberta, Canada is accustomed to stopping on the road and waiting for deer and moose to cross over – they’re quite common where he lives. But the sight he stopped for recently was, as he said, “One of the most amazing things I’ve seen.”

In a video that he posted on Facebook, Muise managed to capture a tiny, newborn mooseling, just a few hours old, crossing over to the other side of the road. Still wobbly on its legs, the baby moose walked behind its mother, tentatively testing each step – not yet sure of how or where to place its hooves. The mother, ever patient, paced back and forth across the road, looking over at the cars to make sure they had stopped to let her little one walk across.

The largest of all deer species, moose give birth to two calves each spring. The calves grow quickly and can outrun a human by the time they are just five days old, according to National Geographic. One of the most protective parents in the animal kingdom, moose mothers guard their young against all possible odds until they have another child. Then, ready or not, the calf must fend for itself.