Google CEO Sundar Pichai predicted that the ICC World Cup finals would be between India and England.

Speaking in Washington at the India Ideas Summit of USIBC, where he received the Global Leadership Award, Pichai was replying to USIBC president Nisha Desai Biswal’s question of who he thought would play the final match.

The 46-year-old, who has earlier described himself as a passionate follower of the sport said, “It should be between England and India. But you know Australia and New Zealand...These are all very, very good teams.”

Pichai also spoke about the need for better safeguards around date privacy. Explaining that the US and India have “reasonably aligned” notions around a free and open internet he suggested they lead in the standardising of privacy regulations.

“It is an important moment to create standard procedures for users to have choice, control and transparency and for companies to be accountable as well,” he said.

Talking of the Google story in India, Pichai said, “Android literally powers all phones in India and we deeply care about making phones cheaper every year, so that more people can afford it and access it.”