This video (above) of a man doing squats to earn a ticket on the Moscow metro rail is the fitness motivation you need today.

Filmed at the Russian capital’s Vystavochaya Station, the video isn’t a hoax or a sadistic school-era punishment given to the squat-star on camera – completing 30 squats can really earn passengers a metro ticket and much self-satisfaction.

Installed in 2013 as part of a government health initiative, the squats-for-ticket machine can be found in only one metro station in the city and requires that the passenger complete a set of 30 squats within two minutes. The machine reportedly has a sensor and counts down the participant’s 30 squats. Failing the two-minute time out, however, the unfortunate soul will have to shell out 30 rubles, or a little less than a dollar, for a ticket.

According to online reports, the initiative was thought of as a kicker for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics which, officials felt, would be a good time to promote good health.


Inspired by Moscow, Mexico city had also started a similar programme for their subway tickets in 2013. Mexicans, however, were considerably luckier – for them, a single ticket costs only 10 squats!