On July 10, daughter of Bharatiya Janata Party member and Uttar Pradesh MLA Rajesh Kumar Mishra (alias Pappu Bhartaul) appeared in a video to appeal to the authorities to protect her and her husband from goons.

Rajesh Mishra’s 23-year-old daughter Sakshi Mishra posted the video on social media after allegedly being chased and hounded by her father’s goons. Sakshi Mishra married Ajitesh Kumar on July 4, PTI reported. Rajesh Mishra is the MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s Bithari Chainpur constituency.

According to the videos, Sakshi Mishra’s father is unhappy with her marriage to a member of the Dalit community and the couple fears for their lives. She also appealed to her father, her brother, and their aides to let them live peacefully.

“If anything was to happen to me, my husband, or his family in the future, my father Pappu Bhartaul, Vicky Bhartaul, and my father’s aide Rajeev Rana will be responsible for it,” she said.

Sakshi Mishra also requested other MLAs and politicians to stop helping her father, and asked the police to provide them adequate security. According to the PTI report, Deputy Inspector General R K Pandey has asked the senior superintendent to extend security to the couple.