Comedian Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix special was released on July 9, almost a year after he was accused of sexual misconduct. In January 2018, an anonymous account on website had accused Ansari of forcing a woman to unwillingly perform sexual acts during a date. He has spoken about the incident and how it affected him on his new Netflix comedy show Aziz Ansari: Road To Nowhere.

“There were times when I felt scared, times I felt humiliated, times I felt embarrassed,” Ansari says right at the opening of his show. “Ultimately, I just felt terrible that this person felt this way,” he adds.

Ansari goes on to call the incident a “good thing” if it forced people to rethink “all their dates”.

The routine was substantially similar to portions of Ansari’s stand-up act during his recent tour of India.

Some social media users, however, were not too amused with Ansari’s “remorseless acknowledgement of the allegations”.