After reviewing Kabir Singh, the India-Pakistan cricket match, and Game of Thrones, stand-up comic Atul Khatri is back with yet another video, and has picked a controversial topic this time around. In the video, instead of a movie or a match, Khatri reviews the “garbage on Juhu beach”.

“In our homes, we don’t segregate our waste, thinking the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation will do it, but the truth is, that never happens,” an agitated Khatri points out in the video. “The richest people live in Juhu, and this is the condition of its beach,” he added.

Khatri pointed out that the garbage deposited on the beaches of Arabian Sea during monsoons is the same garbage that has been thrown into it for the rest of the year. He also elaborated on how the scientific cycle of cloud formation, which eventually brings rain, is being hindered by the addition of plastic to the sea.

Khatri’s video listed some desperate measures to save the beaches from the point of no return, including sealing them. The stand-up comic also analysed a few products found in the garbage on the beach, like an old statue of Ganesha, packets of tobacco, packets of chips, and so on.