In a video that has surfaced on social media, a motorman of the Central Railway can be seen urinating in front of a halted train. His job done, the climbs back onto the train and it starts to move forward. Presumably that was what he had stopped the train for. The video was posted by Mumbai Mirror.

According to Mid-Day, the train was running between Ambernath and Ulhasnagar, in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Motormen also told Mid-Day that “long duty hours and toilets at railway stations located far from the motorman’s cabin means they are forced to carry plastic bags or bottles to relieve themselves inside the train”.

Regarding the motorman in the video, Mid-Day reported that his shift had run six hours, and that the train had been delayed in arriving at Amernath station. “This gave him very little time to start the train for its return journey and meant he was unable to use the washroom,” the paper reported. “That’s when he decided to take a quick loo break when the light turned red in the middle of the journey.”