Communist Party of India leader Kanhaiya Kumar recently addressed an audience at an event in Mangaluru, and a video of part of his interaction with one particular questioner has gone viral on social media.

A woman, calling herself a representative of the student community in the city, asked Kumar a lengthy question on why there could not be unity instead of diversity in everything, including student politics. She began her question with “Jai Shri Ram” and urged Kumar to say, “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.

Kumar’s response, delivered in his affable and witty style, highlighted diversity as a hallmark of India, prompting several rounds of applause from the audience.

“There is no doubt that India is one, but even the Constitution that represents it has over 300 articles,” Kumar said. “To represent the nation, its Parliament has two houses with over 500 elected members. Our oneness represents diversity.”

He also suggested praising the Constitution every now and then along with religious cries.

Talking about love for the country, Kumar compared it to love for a mother. “Your country is yours like your mother is yours,” he said. “Your love for your mother is your private matter. If someone asks you to prove your love for your mother, what will you do? Our love is not for display, we love our country and we carry that love in our hearts.”