Prada, The Doorbeen.

“You have to buy me something from Prada, or you will have to keep looking at me from a distance,” Alia Bhatt proclaims in the video for Prada, the new song by the The Doorbeen, who have written, composed, and sung the track.

The video, out on Monday, features Bhatt grooving to the track, lip-syncing to Shreya Sharma’s vocals. The men in Doorbeen try to play Romeo – but first, they will also have to deliver “heels from Paris”, a “handbag from LA”, and a “world tour”.

Prada, clocking in at three minutes, features funky Punjabi vocals with a smattering of street English and some rap. The Doorbeen is best known for their 2018 song, Lamberghini, a reworking of the folk song Kothe Te Aa Mahiya. The video of Lamberghini has clocked in 293 million views so far, and the song stayed a year-round chart-topper through most of 2018.