A new video clip from comedy collective Aisi Taisi Democracy, in which comedian Sanjay Rajoura compares the situation in Kashmir to his being beaten up as a child, offers sharp commentary on the region.

The satirical comedy trio of Rajoura, Rahul Ram and Varun Grover is known for politically cutting humour and controversial themes.

An excerpt from a show, the clip (above) starts with Rajoura taking his position onstage to the strains of Dub Sharma’s Azadi. “I am a Jat from Western UP,” he says, introducing his subject. “In our families, parents and children bond emotionally through beatings. Basically, we are brought up like Kashmiris.”

“My father thrashed me when he felt like it,” Rajoura continues, “then mother used to come and say it’s happening for my benefit...”