On August 21, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took over a roadside shop to sieve and serve tea to customers in Duttapur, Digha.

“Sometimes the little joys in life can make us happy. Making and sharing some nice tea (cha/chai) is one of them,” Banerjee wrote on Twitter, along with a video of herself sieving and serving the tea. She got into a conversation with the tea-shop owner too, about the quantity of milk.

Banerjee was also seen playing with a child right before she decided to take over the brewing of the tea. She was in Digha to inaugurate a convention centre on August 20.

Interestingly, Banerjee has previously commented on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claims of being a tea-seller earlier in his life. “He becomes a chai-wala before elections and a Rafale-wala after the elections,” Banerjee had said in February 2019, in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections 2019. Assembly elections in West Bengal are due in 2021.